Tips to Lose Weight

I’ve compiled a short list of tips that I use to help lose weight…

1. Drink plenty of water….first thing in the morning, throughout the day, before a meal and during a meal.

2. Tell someone of your goal.  I told my bf and he was actually useful.  Sometime they can be the willpower you can’t seem to find.

3. Use the web.  Find recipes, information on body mass, exercise routines, blogs like these for support, etc.  Also use the web as a distraction from eating when you are bored.

4. Eat often.  If you eat following the Eat Clean diet, you can always have food…just real food, not processed.  That is why I keep veggies and olives and almonds with me. 

5. Start planning your meals.  If the task seems daunting, start with breakfast.  Plan to have breakfast.  Measure out your coffee and oatmeal, set out the dishes or pans the night before.  (Also have a glass of water first thing in the AM)

6. Start walking to work.  I started by walking to the subway station rather than waiting for the bus.  It got me 30min of walking in the morning and surprisingly I didn’t have to leave the house much earlier than usual.

7. Start with weights.  Even using your own body weight with lunges, squats and pushups.  More muscle means more calories burned just by living each day.

8.  Take a (almost) naked picture of yourself.  Weight yourself.  Record your measurements.  Sometimes this is hard but it will also motivate youself to make a change.

9.  Eat more protein.  I bet you aren’t eating enough protein.  Protein builds muscle and helps you feel full.  If you don’t eat enough protein then you constantly crave (junk) food.

These sites have lots of extra tips:

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