Dear Diary

July 19, 2009

Dear Diary,

I took another rest day today – couldn’t get myself out for a run.  Very tired.  Slept like a rock last night, despite my great afternoon nap.  I did a weights routine at home today (see below).  At well, although my bf did buy me my beloved carrot cake last night…which I enjoyed.  Had a light snack of another apple and cheese stick instead of a full dinner.  I work up at 8:30am to my bf working out in the living room, and he offered to make me breakfast today!

I also decided to take an extra Omega-3 in the AM, as per directions (2 a day with meals).  Took a Vit C as well.

Breakfast: 2 eggs, bacon, 1/4 whole wheat croissant, coffee, berries salad

Lunch: Chocolate milk, coffee, cheese stick, berries salad, protein shake

Snack: Ate some turkey lunchmeat while making my lunch for tomorrow

Dinner: Bacon wrapped chicken breast with asparagus (bf again making me dinner!), multi vit, vit B, calcium, Omega-3, apple pastry thing with berries salad

Update:  Did Abs dvd today..and bf bought me a pc of carrot cake. I am going to be much healthier when he’s not around!


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Kelly Ripa has great arms – her workout


 Kelly Ripa has an amazingly muscular body.  She has really defined arms.  She showed her workout routine on her show.  Her trainer is an ex-Marine and surprisingly all her routines can be done in the home with simple equipment (medicine ball, stabililty ball, skipping rope, treadmill for running inside).  Check out here for her routine ( and the video for the clip from her show.

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