Study shows eating while watching TV can make you gain weight


I didn’t think they needed to do a study on this but finally there is scientific data to back up what we al say.  This study was done by Nick Bellissimo of the University of Toronto’s Department of Nutritional Sciences. 

“Half of the group of 14 boys was given calorie-free sweetened water, while the others received sweetened water with glucose, a so-called caloric pre-load. Lunch was served 30minutes later. Of these two groups, some ate while watching the Simpsons, while the others ate without the television on. Over the course of the experiment, the boys came back four times, each time being exposed to a different condition.

The children who received an extra calorie bump prior to the meal and did not watch TV during the meal ate the least. But among TV watchers, the extra calories seemed to have no effect on how much they consumed.

Overall, the boys who watched TV consumed an average of 228 extra calories at lunch compared with those who did not watch TV. Based on these results, Bellissimo and Anderson have some immediate advice for parents: turn the television off during mealtime. They are now studying girls.”

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