Eat Veggies to Lose Weight


Here is a picture from Canada’s Food Guide 2008.  7 to 8 servings of fruits and veggies seems like a lot of roughage.  It did to me.  But 1/2 a cup or a small fruit is a serving.  I started picking up veggies (carrots, english cucumber, radishes, peppers) and washing and cutting them up when I got back from the store, usually Sunday afternoons.  I divy the veggies into 5 tupperware containers, about 1 to 1.5 cups each into a tupperware container, one for each day of the work week.  I can’t stress how much this makes it easier to quickly put together a lunch in the AM.  I also divied up almonds into smaller containers that are ready to go. 

The food guide is the basis of the Eat Clean Diet, too.


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Lose Weight with Portion Control

cupsYour measuring utensils are a good tool in losing weight.  When I began this quest I finally took a look at what a serving a fruit or veggies is.  It’s a 1/2 cup.  That is actually pretty small if you measure it out.  Therefore it’s not so hard for me to get the 7-8 servings a day.  Now I use my measuring cups a lot.  The set of them are actually hanging out in the open ready for me to use.  I also know the correct serving of oatmeal in the morning:  1/2 cup dry, 1 cup wet.  Before I didn’t have as much while now I feel full a lot longer because I’m eating the correct amount.  Here’s a link to Canada’s and the US’s Food guide.

Canada’s Food Guide:




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