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Q: How should someone like me — with abdominal obesity (which goes along with metabolic syndrome) — adjust my weight-loss program to promote fat loss around the middle, as well as general weight loss? Should I exercise more, or eat even fewer calories (and fat calories) than someone who’s just generally trying to lose weight?

A:  That’s a good question, because many people are in the same situation as you. First, if you smoke, you should stop because smoking promotes abdominal obesity. In terms of whittling your waist, fat loss around the middle will be more pronounced if you exercise along with decreasing caloric intake, both total and fat calories.As you probably know, abdominal fat is the most important to lose because it is the most strongly related to diabetes and heart disease. So diet and exercise are very important both for general weight loss and for abdominal fat loss. How much exercise? A lot — but that doesn’t mean you have to run a marathon or become a bodybuilder. Recent studies have shown that people who are the most successful at losing weight and keeping it off exercise at least one hour a day at an intensity equivalent to brisk walking.

Genetics plays a role as well — those who are predisposed to gain and lose weight in certain places will continue to do so no matter what kind of diet and exercise program they are on, but again, the first place the weight usually comes off is in the abdominal area. Remember, the road to a healthy weight begins with that first step, so my best advice is to watch what you eat and get out there and start walking!

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Abdominal fat increases the chances of metabolic diseases

Abdominal fat increases the chances of metabolic diseases like diabetes.  Read this article here!  It is important to maintain a healthy weight, but more important to maintain a healthy weight if you carry an extra tire around your middle!

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