Foods To Fight Snack Attacks

I feel like I’m constantly hungry despite eating what I think is a lot and every 3 hours.  I make sure to avoid grabbing a bag of chips (don’t have any in the house and rarely buy them at work) and have snacks I like.  My favs include Red Delicious apples, cottage cheese, popcorn, salad and my new protein shake concoction.  I just got a Magic Bullet Express and I whip up this: fill half with ice cubs, 1/4 water (or milk but I slim my drink), 2 scoops chocolate protein powder, teaspoon of instant coffee, handful of fresh/frozen blueberries or berry mix and half a banana…whiz until smooth.

Here is a list from iVillage of food that stave off hunger.

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Dear Diary

August 4, 2009

Dear Diary,

Good day today.  Hard workout, did internal training on level 14 (I used to do level 6) and did some good leg work.  I ate well as well.  Kinda lax today at work, and it was long.  I did make teriyaki pineapple (lean) meatballs over rice for dinner.  Yay, crockpot!

Breakfast: the usual

Snack: The Zone bar

Snack: 1/2 turkey sandwich, carrots

Lunch: The Zone bar, 1/2 turkey sandwich, carrots, tomato and olive salad

Dinner: meatballs and rice, choc milk, few berries

Snack: maybe a protein shake, berries


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IWMSB Protein Pudding

puddingThis isn’t a recipe per say, but it’s a good treat.  Get some pudding flavour of your choice, make sure it’s the skim milk no sugar kind (from Jello) and add some of your flavoured protein powder….makes the treat more diet-friendly, although not Eat Clean.

References: (she has some cute cartoons!)

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