How To Do Stuff


This is what I like about Men’s Health.  They have articles other than health and fitness that are useful!  Check out this one: Avoid Life’s Most Annoying Problems.

It has solution to:

  • Survive a Long Car Ride
  • Make Small Talk with the Boss
  • Plunge a Toilet
  • Console a Friend
  • Wrap Her Gift
  • Drive in a Downpour
  • Clean the Gas Grill
  • End a Conversation with a Bore
  • Go to Couples Therapy
  • Explain Kinky TV to Your Kid
  • Attend a Party Solo
  • Put Your Dog to Sleep
  • Sit Through a Long Meeting
  • Run into the Ex at a Wedding
  • Iron a Shirt
  • Hang Out with Her Annoying Friend
  • Work with Someone You Mistrust
  • Promote Yourself to the Boss
  • Escape a Friend Who’s Blitzed
  • Sit Through a Chick Flick


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