Walk To Improve Your Run Times (Crazy!)


I read this this morning and I was blown away.  A woman wanted to improve you 5K run time and she did it by walking – not running.  READ IT!!!


The formula for the aerobic heart rate range is 60-85%, but remember that we know the body burns fat best at 75%, so we’ll calculate all three.

220 minus your age, gives your heart rate maximum. Multiply by heart rate percentage (.6,.75 or .85) for range.

So, for a 35-year old woman, the formula would look like this:
at 60% maximum heart rate 220-35 * .60 = 111 per minute
at 75% maximum heart rate 220-35* .75 = 138.75 per minute
at 85% maximum heart rate 220-35* .85 = 157.25 per minute

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Dear Diary


June 29, 2009

Dear Diary,

 Today was a good day.  I ate well and got a lot of exercise in!  I am starting to “run” up the stairs instead of walking.  I did the below routine at the gym.  I switched from the elliptical to the treadmill so my body gets used to running for 30min.  I did 1min warmup, 5min running, 1min rest, 5min running, 2min rest, 5min running and then about 4min cooldown.  All in all 15min running and will adjust to make it harder.  I think I’ll run for 6min and rest for 1min and see how that goes.

When I got to my work inbox I found out that the beach volleyball team (in a tourni in less than 2 weeks) was going to practice after work…5pm-6:30pm and they were still going!  I left because I was pooped and sweaty to boot.  Why the cartoon? I love cats.

Breakfast: The usual

Snack: Protein bar

Lunch: Chicken eggplant veggie stir fry over white rice

Snack: Protein shake

Dinner: Egg and ham on whole wheat.


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5km Prep

runners-silhouette-clip-artI went running this AM and ran 2.185km.  Nice!

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