About Me – IWMSB

Hi, I’m I Want My Sexy Back, aka IWMSB.  I started this blog to document my difficult journey from frumpiness to sexiness.  It has morphed into a place to find the latest information on health, fitness, exercise, weight loss, weight gain and fitness models.  I dedicate this blog to all the people who are on the journey with me: to provide healthy recipes, ideas for exercise, support to not eat that carrot cake, and information to make it all happen!  My boyfriend JT is a guest blogger.  Check out his About Me page too!


  1. Ruthie replied:

    Sign me up. I am on a journey for a healthy lifestyle. Encouraging each other is what it is all about. I was sick last year and could not exercise much. I keep saying, “I WANT MY BODY BACK!”

    Truth be told, I only had it for a few years. I was overweight for 22. Learning to eat right and exercise have been the easier part. The hard part is changing the way I think about food, exercise and my body.

    Change Your Mind–Change Your Body!

    Come see me and we will encourage each other!

    • iwantmysexyback replied:

      Hello Ruthie!
      Encouragement is key. I think some people who want to start are overwhelmed with what info to use, where to start, how to even work out and prepare food. We can do it! I have been living somewhat of a healthy lifestyle but have been in denial about somethings…my diet. I have been avoiding learning how to properly eat because I don’t want to give up my favourite bad stuff.

  2. pinkaloha replied:

    Aloha! I have started to keep my food log here on wordpress. I totally agree with you that we need encourage each other!

  3. suprk replied:


    I came across your page when I went to set up my own page trying to do the same thing you are doing. Although I am not a woman, I am on the same journey you are on and wanted to wish you the very best. Good luck on your journey, do not look for fast results, just look for steady and positive results.

    • iwantmysexyback replied:

      Good luck to you too! It has defnitely helped having this website and readers! I have my setbacks (damn the carrot cake) but still on track!

  4. yeeshin replied:

    Wanting to lose weight yet eat what you want is hard (if you’re like me and live for food – my blog is on food!). I lost 20kg eating what I want, you just need to watch your portions and walk everywhere.
    I’ve been off the wagon and I’m back on again, aim is to lose 10kg. Good luck on your journey.

  5. theprettyproject replied:

    I love this. You are I are almost twinkies. We shall get our sexy back! 🙂


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